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cannot repay everyone. >>> a community cookout for daniel who has captured so many heart. how the money will be used. >>> it is more than 6 weeks. we work for to find out ways taking so long to clean up the trees. >>> an incredible night for the city of baltimore. >>> community funds razors for daniel. >> daniel has been upgreated to fair condition. no word on when he will get out of the hospital. when he does, friends and strangers want to be sure there's enough money to care for his needs. >>> take these shoes and lots of laughter. >> this is the brighter side following a school shooting. something good for something horrible. >> this shows how many we love daniel and how much we want to support him. >> only the second time that daniel's mom has left the hospital. she stopped by for a quick dinner and to say thanks for the people helping her family. everybody pledged $25 and every penny goes to the family. >> being able to come home to my son at night and being able to be with him. my heart went out to daniel's mother. >> it was easy to rally people in perry hall because it is a close
weiner. we follow up with a perry halll high school shooting. daniel borowy is out of the hospital and today at a fund- raiser, he showed signs he is on the way to recovery. we are in the newsroom with more. >> his parents say he has my communicated what he remembers about getting shot on the first day of school. those around him are calling his battle back to health a miracle. a thumbs up from daniel borowy in his first outing since leaving the hospital. the 17 year-old, the only student hit during a school shooting at perry halll high school, was cleared by doctors to attend a fund-raiser for his family on the bay saturday. >> anyone else would complain. all daniel hasd one -- has done is a i wanted do what i was doing. >> daniel was shot on the side of this torso. he is going to home-based rehab. his parents are not sure when he will return to school. >> according to the doctors, it is nothing short of amazing. dr. o'connor at the university of maryland will tell you it is amazing. there is no way he is supposed to be where he is today. >> and dozens dropped anger off the shore
. >> the condition of the school shooting victim is improving. danielle is now listed in serious condition. >> his father sat down with tim today to talk about his son and the incident that made national headlines. more on that now. >> of this progress looks -- he walked around the hospital for lunch, two cheeseburgers, and has been spending time with his ipad. there is still a ways to go. just a while ago, you got to visit with your son. tell me about his condition today, right now? >> he had breakfast. he got up and took a lap around the pool. >> take me back to that monday. you had gotten a call. what you did not know until late tell me when you got the word. >> i got a call that it was daniel. what was daniel? my son told me, daniel was shot. i had my moments, but i knew at that point it was not time for that moment. >> we cannot talk about the accused. but what are some of your thoughts in terms of how this has taken place and how this has impacted your family? >> as far as the accused, absolutely no thought, no comment. nothing. my entire focus is on my son. and my other kids and rosemary, t
hall high school. daniel making strides in his recovery but still needs help. cheryl conner was at a party in his honor over the weekend expe are ports on what the family needs now. >> reporter: on the pier at the eastern yacht club, fitted with a life jacket, off daniel goes with his parents and siblings. this is far from the doctors at shock trauma where he spend two weeks recovering from a gunshot at perry hall high on the first day of school. we got to follow his boat on a ride like he has never had before. it takes ten minutes to get to heart miller island where he waves to the boaters who are here for him. >> he was smiling and laughing. >> reporter: the end of the summer party was planned for this day, organizers turned it in to a fundraiser for the 17 year old saying the family shared the hospital bills, could be $100,000 or more. plus there is the in home care and rehabilitation. >> he came home and was like the same boy that left. >> reporter: daniel is anchored down and relaxing on a houseboat as his favorite artist, lady gaga is played. >> when i saw those boats
hall student fights back to get on his feet. daniel borowy's amazing recovery amid a sea of supporters. -------------------------------- --------- -------------------------------- --------- and a security guard is shot in an armed robbery but still tackles his suspect. how a crowd of bystanders ended up saving the guard'ss life. p------------------------------- --------- 3 3 we start tonight with brraking news out of east baltimore. where police say someone opened fire on a man in the four thousand block of wilsby avenue. homicide detectives the chest by at least five n - rounds of gunfire. the pictim wassraced to shock trauma where, right now, he's currently ii emergency surgery. we have no word at this hour about a motive orr a suspect. good evening, i'm jeff abell. abell. and i'm karen parks. daniel borowy was shot n the first &pday of classes at perry haal high school. school. tonight he is back home among his recovery. myranda stephens was there today as daniel took to the water... she joins us now from perry hall high school. schhol. &pmyranda: the parents of
dream. >> danielle doty is living the dream -- a dream she's been aiming toward most of her life. >> i had been competing in pageants since i was 7 years old, and i thought, "you know, i'm at the right age." so i was like, "why not give it a try?" >> texas! [ cheers and applause ] >> the texas teen won the crown, and now she gets to wear the gown. >> colorful? >> colorful. >> [ laughs ] >> actually, quite a few of them. hers is now a lifestyle jam-packed with red-carpet openings, glitter, and glamour. >> i love this. >> love that. out of these three pieces, i'd say the zipper dress is really amazing, and this is, i mean, just fabulous. >> it looks like fun, but it's also a full-time job. danielle has a calendar filled with good this one -- project sunshine. it brings a bit of happiness to children with serious illnesses. >> when she comes into the hospital, she just has a light about her and makes the kids smile and makes them feel like a normal kid. >> helping out miss teen u.s.a. is some additional star power -- miss u.s.a. much like a supportive older sister, miss u.s.
week is improving.we've learned that daniel hassbeen upgraded to is streaming live in kingsville, where a benefit is going on right now, as daniel recovers. janice? jeff,we are live here at jeff, recovers. janice? jeff, we are live here at the gunpowder lodge...where students say they chose this location because this is daniel's favorrte restaurant. and businesses have already paised thousands students here say they can't do enough o help. daniel borowy hhs been in shock trauma since monday.on the firss day of school, police say 5 year old robert gladden walkeddinto the cafeteria at perry hall high school and began shooting. daniel, was shot in the back... students tell me...focusing on helping daniel has helped hem recoverrfrom the truama of the the days since...students have made shirts...raised money...and even lobbied for lady gaga...his favorite performer to visit him: 3 this benefit issgoing on till 8 pm...liveein kingsville, jp a ...back home...///after... his... parents say... a... school bus driver... let... him off... at... the w
to daniel borowy, the student gund down on the irs -- gunned down o the first day of school. there is a fund-raiser to cover his medical expenses. daniel is well enough to be the guest of honor. >> reporter: 107 minutes before shots rang out critically injuring daniel borowy, she said the son had left early to take college classes. >> for something to happen to any kid is here belt as -- horrible. as a mom, i wouldn't know where to begin but they're doing it. they need everybody's help. >> reporter: doyle runs the networking company that planned an and of the summer party. now she's turned it into a fund-raiser for the teen. >> not only are they going to have insane medical expenses because he was in shock trauma for almost two weeks, got the medivac, home therapy. plus he needs counseling to get past emotional trauma of it, add that to who's going to stay home and take care of them. >> reporter: doyle estimates the bro yes -- borowy's portion as $100,000. >> i have not met daniel yet. everything i've heard about him, everyone lovers him. for his world to be shattered so quickly, i think thi
... will be created. daniel... ba-rory... is... back home tonight,.../ still... recovering... from his wounds ... from. .. the... rry hall... high school shooting...//. kathleen... cairns... has m. more... on... the road to recovery.... for... daniel 3 (dads voice) "doing really good he's come a long way in what 14 days"as daniel borowy's parents prepare oo leave the hospital with their son's close brush with death.... still weighs heavily on thhir hearts. (rosemary borowy-daniels mom) "i know the firss night he was here the chaplain prayed over him and asked god to be with him on this journeyyi think he has. he's given him a certain sense of calm in all of this . its got to be scary. he really doesn't understand, its frightening" august 27th.the first day of school at perry hall high,.,, daniel was in the cafeteria.. having lunch when another student came n with a gun and randomly fired a shot, striking daniel. ((quick sot from that day)) daniel underwent everal surgeries. and he still faces a long recovery. (milton borowy-daniels dad)"so the walking is fine its
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for a newborn son. this 16-year-old came desperate close to losing her child, daniel. it was a traumatic fight to prevent her from being taken away at birth for adoption. she did not tell her parents about her pregnancy. she added to this city, confused, scared, and with no money. she was vulnerable. a refuge for pregnant girls took her in for free. she says it was on the understanding that she would hand over her baby. >> i had nowhere to go. i had to agree that i would give them the baby afterward. >> after her son was born, she wanted to keep him. she told me a worker from the refuge, threaten her with jail if she did not give up her baby. >> she said they would arrest me and jail me. >> her tears are aroused the suspicion of doctors and nurses. hospital officials did not want to comment on this case, but one doctor said that babies are being removed from the hospital even before their babies or discharge. he did agree to speak. he tell me how worried she was when he saw her on the ward. >> she was scared of what would happen to per baby and to her. >> i am on my way to meet the people who
.police say they plan to charge the teen as a juvenile. daniel borowy is back home tonight, but still recovering from his wounds from the perry hall high school shooting. kathleen cairns has more on thh road to recovery for the speccal needs student. 3 -cairns as live lead-"it appears to be a regular day at perry hall hs except two students are noticeably missing.. one accused in a shooting... the other t home.. recoverrng after that shooting."----pkg----(dads voice) "doing really good he's come a long way in what 14 days"as daniel borowy's parents prepare to leave the hospital with their son, he magnitude of their son's close weighs heavily on their still hearts. (rosemary borowy- dannels mom)"i know the first night e was here the chaplain prayed over him anddasked god to be with him on this journey i think he has. he's given him a certain sense of calm in all of this . its got to be &pscary. he really doesn't unnerstand, its frightening" august 27th.the first day of school at perry hall high,.,, daniel was in the ccfeteria.. having lunch when another student came in with a
... party.../. party.../. keith daniels,... live... in... northeast baltimore...'/ where... she... was caught... in... the,.... crossfire.. / keith. ///////////////////////keith//// //////////////// jeff..... we're live on tte alameda at richnor avenue..... that shooting happened behind 22-year-oll lorelle amos..... she graduated in 2008 and tonight...we're told - her classmates have organized mother..... poliie say amos was shht phile she was standing in the that night...... it rty happened at about 2 o'cllck early sunday mooning. investigators on't believe she wassthe target. in fact, faaily members say she someone else. they say two groups of men in cars had just passed.. they jumped out of the vehicles down the block.. then someone opened amos n the chest.. killing her. /////////////////////sst//////// //// (ms. murray) "and then she has a 1-year-old baby.. whoos not he's not goiig to have his. but, we aal will be there for him." the family says amms was a looal bank teller..... with recent plans for an upcoming police say
... offschool../.and... fired... 2 shots..../ critically... injuring.. classmate - daniel... bo--rory.../ stopped... by... - a... guidance coun/ counselor.../a... grand jury ...indicted gladden ... on... 9 counts... of... attempted muuder...// murder...//9... counns ...of... first degree assault.../ assault.../9... counts... of reckless endangerm/ endangerment.../...and... gladden's,... charged... as an adult it's.... a... meeting .../ that... some... perry hall ... high chool... parents ... say... was... long overdu/ overdue..../ janice... park... streaming live... at the... chool.../ where... hundreds... offparents... filled... the audtorium./.. getting... answers... to... last week's... shooting..../ janice? janice?jeff,at least a dozen parents got in line...the most outspoken werr parents who children were most effected by the man says his daughter waa mother says her daughter was in the cafeteria that day 10 peet from the shooter
...and he's getting a lot of help. help.on sattrday... daniel mmde his first public outing since being released from the hospittl just days ago. he was invited to a boat party that was also a fundraiser that will help daniel and is family pay for his mounting medical billss most of the people who've donated have never met daniel... but say they simply wanted to help. ""piderman" is back at it again. agaan.alain robert... the famous french daredevil climber... managed to scale the world's highest steel tower in china... using áno safety equipment.á equipment.áthe 50-year-oll has cliibed more than 70 giant structtres around the glooe. unemployed and uninsuued. many people are expected to payythe penalty for no health insurance...when into effect. effect. ((break 1)) hey america, even though slisa rinna is wearing the new depend silhouette briefs for charity to prove how great the fit is even under a fantastic dress. the best protection now looks, fits and feels just like underwear. we invite you to get a free sample and try one on too. ♪ ooh, yeah, ooh-ooh, yeah ♪ o
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. this year, compared to previous years, the focus on healing, leading to smaller memorials. nbc's danielle lee joins from us the new world trade center. she has what is making the ceremony different and unique. >> reporter: good afternoon, here. many people have left the national memorial behind me. about 1,000 people attended the ceremony that lasted four hours. it is smaller in comparison than previous years. for those that came, the emotions came back in full force. many tears were shed. this was a somber ceremony as families of those lost read the name of each victim, nearly 3,000, read one by one during the ceremony. many people gather around the reflecting pools where the trade towers once stood. many paying recognition. loved ones' names are etched in stone. making copies as they participated in the ceremony. no politicians spoke at the ceremony. that was for the families as they try to focus on healing. organizers are getting ready for another tribute at sunset. they will have a tribute of light mimicking the world trade center towers. reporting live, danielle lee. back to you. >>
parliament. this is being called an example of a clampdown from authorities. our moscow correspondent, daniel sanford, has more. ♪ it gets ♪ >> and i'm sorry, we had a problem with the transmission. now go to a mystery in the art world. discovering a new painting by one of the world's most renowned artists is something drum of, but it happens rarely. it establishes the authenticity of pictures in a way not thought of before. our correspondent has the results. >> the new dancer -- the blue dancer, a painting by one of the great impressionist masters, edgar degas. wast wasn't until -- it until a degas expert decided it was not by him. what did he not like about the painting? >> there were a few things. the position. i think he said it was not a formal pose. added the draftsmanship of the heads. >> paintings like those are among the most saw after, and fakes are common and lucrative. after lengthy investigation, it is possible to trace "the blue studio. back to degas's but today is painting could be a copy of the original work. so it is tested for the pigments used. >> you are going to the b
. >> the late senator daniel moynihan had a message for his citizens. "you are and sidled as americans -- you are entitled as americans do your own opinions. but you are not entitled to your own facts." americans thought carefully about it and decided to take no notice. >> i have the benefit of a lifetime in journalism. most people do not. they are driving down the highway, they want to turn rush limbaugh on the radio. to rant and rave about the welfare state in america. and this is what they felt in their heart -- that is where they are going to go. is it changing anybody's mind? no. he is attracting people who think the way he does. >> there's another explanation for america's issues, a simpler one that cries out at you as you drive across florida. it is the economy. this looks back at the last 50 years of american history. the nation has made and spent money, big money. there were good years and there were bad, but the trend, the long-term trend was always up. the republican president could always afford to give a little in public spending. now that is over, perhaps for a long time. the am
will increase -- police will their presence at school. >>> daniel berori was shot 15 days ago in his school cafeteria, but he still has a long road ahead. daniel's dad said his priorities are home nursing, home rehabbing and getting his strengthen back. >> a who's who of players. modell was remembered as being a football visionary. one of the men responsible for monday night football. >> after a crystal clear beautiful day across maryland on this tuesday, a few clouds beginning to drift in out of the north, but these aren't rain makers. look at the pattern. 76 in the state capital and bone dry humidity. 71, 63 toward the late hours, a clear cool start. much more on how things will stay and change coming up. >> an elderly couple is found murdered in their pikesville home and police have very few answers. >> when police responded and looked through the couple's window, they found one dead on the first floor and the other in the basement. they believe it's the grandson that can fill in the blanks. >> reporter: vaughn and marjorie pepper were in their 80s. >> they're part of what made this neig
...indicted... n the perry hall high school shooting....// investigators... say... gladden ...shot... daniel... ba-rory... during lunch ...inside the school's cafeteria... august 27th..../ gladden... faces &p... counts off... first degree ./ assault.../ , reckless... endangerment... and... other charges..../police... say.... gladden... pulled out a double barrel shot gun... and... randomly fired../ .striking... remains shock trauma tonight. its a meeting that some perry hall his parents ssy was long janicc park is streaming live at the school where the auditorium was filled to capacity tonight. janice? janice? more than a dozen parents lined up many whose children were in the cafeteria when the shooting happened. they were finally able to ask thee quessions ttey've been waiting more thanna week to ask. it was a communnty meeting called by prinnipal george roberts. parents were able to air the questions that have bben troubling them from why their children weren't better accounted for to just how well the schools emergency plan worked when 15 yr ld robeet gladden all
daniels, live at shock trauma with an update on the injured student's condition condition.. while his classmates are rrmembering him tonight.. keith. keith. karen..... daniel borowy ((o-roar-ee) has gone through urgery.. and is recovering tonighh in critical, but stable ondition. he's described as an athhetic student.. but tonight.. of course.. he missed his school's first foottall game. game. the perry hall gators took on st. paul's crusaders tonight.. just four days after the shooting in the school's cafeteria..... it's tough. exciting grid iron play on the field.. while 17-year-old daniel, who has down syndrome, recooers from his injuries. doctors say he uffered a bruised ung and a fractured rib.. his muscles re damaged and there's a hole in hisschest. baltimore county police sayy 15-year--ld robert gladden shot daniel in the back with a shotgun in the school's cafeteriaamonday. tonight, at the game, studentt and parents say they're struggling to get things back to normal. ///////////////////sot////////// / (ms. setzer/parent) "i think it's greet. i think t
daniel is anchored down and relaxing on a house boat as his favorite artist, lady gaga is played. >> when i saw those boats out there, i thought wow, this is what it is about. people giving, people caring. >> a big thumb's up for how long daniel has come, now he is the captain with day one of the school year behind him. >> this support for daniel has been incredible and i could never say the words i need to say to express my thanks for that. >> cheryl connor, abc2news. >>> that was awesome. good for you daniel. >> there is no date when he will return to school, but his mom said he will be ready to soon. >>> amanda takes a flying leap into the tiger cage but he doesn't have a death wish. why he made the jump. >> the red carpet has been rolled out. it is all over but the crying and the applauds. we'll take you for a preview soft emmys tonight. >>> the story about the guy who jumped into the tiger enclosure at the bronx zoo is only getting more weird. he says he wanted to "be one with the tiger. >>> it shocked everyone, an unthinkable jump 17 feet down into the tiger pen >>> no it was not a
the full blast from a shotgun in the back but 17-year-old daniel borowy is now on president road to recovery. tomorrow he will attend a special fund-raiser in his honor on hart miller island. jeff? >> reporter: it was already billed as the bon voyage party but now there's a fund-raiser to help cover his medical expenses. it could be in excess of $100,000. that doesn't even begin to cover the inhome care, rehabilitation and other expenses yet to could. after the gunshot shattered his first day of school and dreams, they are hoping this event can help make him whole again. >> he has down syndrome. anyone who knows anything with down syndrome, they don't compromise that type of hate. so everybody's loving because that's his life. he's good and loving. he just doesn't comprehend that. so to go through that psychologically and physically and if he's able to come back to school -- he's coming to our event, bringing them out in the afternoon. that's enormous. >> it's being described as a rock day of music for daniel and his family and it's a chance to let daniel know the whole community
a week after a shooting, daniel's condition is improving. tonight we hear from his family. his father sat down with tim this afternoon. >> we have more on what his dad had to say. >> he says that his son is making some major improvements but said there is a long way to go but he tells me that he and his family are thankful for all of the glimmers of hope. just a little while ago you got to visit with your son. tell me about his condition today, right now. >> he had breakfast. he got up, he took a lap around the pool. >> take me back to death monday. you had gotten a call. you did not know until later -- tell me about the moment. >> i get a call that it was daniel. what was daniel? my son told me, daniel was shot. i had my moment. but i knew at that point it was not time for that moment. >> we cannot talk about the accused. but what are some of your thoughts in terms of how this has taken place and how this is impacted your family? >> as far as the accused, absolutely no comment. nothing. my entire focus is on my son. and by other kids and rose mary, that they get through it. >> his mother
fitted with a life jacket and off daniel goes with his parents and siblings. this is from the doctors where spent two weeks recovering from a gunshot at perry hall high on the first day of school. we got to follow daniel's boat on a ride like he's never had before. it takes about ten minutes to get to the island where he waves to the boaters who are here for him. >> smiling and laughing. really loved when she got wet. >> the end of summer party was planned for this day but organizers turned it into a fundraiser for the 17-year-old saying the family's share of the hospital bills could be $100,000 or more plus there's the in-home care and rehabilitation. >> he has to be cared for twice a day, which he's not fond of, but for the most part, he came home and was like the same boy that had left. >> now daniel anchored down and relaxing on a houseboat as his fairt artist lady gaga is playing. >> when i saw him there i thought, wow, this is what it's about. people giving, people caring. >> a big thumb's up for how far daniel has come. now he's the captain with day one of the school year behin
... are now speaking out. out.their son... daniel... who &psuffers from down syndrome... was shht in the lower back by another student with a doubled barreled shotgun. the suspect... 15-year-olddrobert day of school... last day of - my life"inside his back pack was a shoogun... 21 rounds of ammo and a bottle of vodka. daniel's parents are now monitor what their kids do &ponnine. "i hope he gets the help he needs im not trying to be forgiving beeause we're hurting my son is hurting but that's for the legal system for the police for the lawyers for the judges for all them to do what they need to do." do."daniel suffered a bruised damaged chest muscles..e's still being treated at shock traumaagladden will be charged as an adult with attemptee murder and other charges. daniel's churcc is planning a celebration... when the teee returns to worship there. the ápprry hall family worship centeeá says it'll be a day to honor him and a day to thank the lord. the church is also raising money to help the family with medical expenses. a local pizzz shop is lso of the perry hall high school shooting. ser
of a perry hall high school student allegedly shot inside the school a month ago. >> daniel bowery is out of the hospital. yesterday at a fund-raiser for his family to pay for his medical bill, daniel showed signs that he is on the road to recovery. >> a thumbs up from daniel bowery in his first outing since leaving his hospital. the 17-year-old who was the only student hit during a school shooting at perry hall high last month was preparing by doctors to attend a fund-raiser on the bay saturday. >> anybody else would whine, complain and why me. this, that, everything el. all daniel has done is great. i just want to be who i was, doing what i was doing. he's done everything he needed to do to get to that point. >> daniel, who has downs syndrome, was shot ton side of his torso. he's going through home based rehab to treat his wounds twice a day. his parents are not sure when he'll return to school. >> talking to doctors, it's nothing short of amazing. dr. o'connor at university of maryland, he'll tell yoit's nothing short of amazing what he's going through, what he's done and where he is.
an outpouring of support for victim daniel boror. bbrorwy.janice park... live... at. ..shock trauma... tonight.../ where... daniel's... recovering,.../ to.... tell us ..about... this... latest push... to help him...// janice? janice?jeef,daniel's mother rosemary has spent all her time here...but today was one of the few times she's left... she wws embraced by friends and strangers at a fundraiser in kingsville...where everyone her son. rosemary bororwy has not left her son's side in 12 days.but she came to kingsville today to thank friends and stranggrs for all they've done for her, was the latest fundraiser to help pay for daniel's medicial bills.dannel wws shot on the first day of school at perry hall high school.police say 15 year old robert gladden started randomly firing in the school's the days since, daniil's condition has been upgraded to stable: 3 3&"he'' a hero, and i hope everything ttinks of him that wwy because he's fightiig lonn and hard to be back home with us" rosemary tells us right now daniel is walking and talking...but t
condition. daniel's father sat down with tim tooten today to discuss his son and a startling incident that made national headlines last week. >> daniel is awesome. he had breakfast. he got up, took a walk around the fourth floor again. he is such a strong kid, strong- willed, strong mind, strong body. we tend to overlook some of that sometimes, but he is not out of the woods. >> technet to that monday. you had gotten -- take me back to that monday. you had gotten a call that something happened at perry hall. >> while driving down 95, i got a call that it was daniel. what was daniel? my son told me, daniel was shot. i had my moment, but i knew at that point in time, it was not time for that moment. >> what has been paramount in you all getting to the place where you are now, which is better than last monday? >> it doesn't matter that i get home and i hear from people that they are praying for you. it what does matter is the caring. to know that somebody thousands of miles away is praying for your son and praying for you, it does matter. >> yesterday a grand jury indicted 16-year-old ro
. danielle lee has been live for us. she joins us from capitol hill with how lawmakers are responding. >> reporter: lawmakers are condemning not only the violence but also this online video that prompted it all. this is all in the hope of calming this outrage before more people get hurt. hundreds of yemeni protesters turned on police after storming the u.s. embassy here. the aggression against america is spreading throughout the middle east, in egypt, libya, iran and iraq. two days ago protesters set fire to the u.s. embassy in benghazi. that attack killed u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. john mccain says he believes the attacks in benghazi were organized and that ambassador stevens was targeted. >> i think the way this attack was carried out clearly indicate that's the case. >> reporter: the u.s. government is now working with libya to identify the people responsible for that attack. but nbc's michael leiter suggests bringing the perpetrator to justice may not be an easy road. >> ultimately we still are going to be very reliant on the government of libya. >> r
spreading across the muslim world. danielle nottingham has more now from washington. >> protesters hurled rocks at police and try to take control of the street leading to the u.s. embassy in cairo. egyptian security forces drove them back with tear gas and build a giant concrete wall to block the route to. protest over an american made film market is long continued to spread through the muslim world. in yemen, security forces fired warning shots and blasted the crowd was water. thousands marched in iraq and indonesia and through the streets of gaza, in egypt violence has flared four days before his promise to protect diplomatic facilities. especially after the attack on the american consulate in libya that killed a u.s. ambassador and three staff members. the remains of those four americans will ride back on american soil this afternoon. hillary clinton heads to andrews airforce base to receive them. the loss of the ambassador has been a very personal blow to clinton, it was her decision to station him in libya. >> i send chris itheir to inform our government about what we can do to bring
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